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Facility Efficiency & Optimization

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For your Information

In 2018 the building sector represented 28% of global Green House emissions. Electricity demand in buildings has increased 5x faster than the carbon intensity of the power sector since 2000. It is expected that the building sector will see an average Green House reduction of 6% per year to one--eighth of current levels by 2050. Government support of the sustainable buildings sector could save around 4.8 trillion dollars globally over the next 30 years.

Sustainable Improvements

Most urgent areas of improvement in the form of making building more sustainable:

  1. Energy

  2. Waste

  3. Water

  4. Pollution or Green House emissions

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Image by Marius Niveri

Old Building can be Improved

Most of the building in the world has been around for many years before sustainable design and other sustainable elements were introduced. This does not mean that facility owners/managers can not take action to make it better. If not every but most buildings present plenty of opportunities to be sustainable, with today's technology you can make even the older buildings act like new, so there are no excuses.

Facts and Myths

The Myth - The benefit of sustainable buildings is not worth the money they cost.​

The Fact - New technology comes at a price but once installed, makes for more cost-effective buildings in the long term. Leed's certified buildings have recorded a significant cost reduction year over year. Maintenance costs are 20% less than conventional buildings. Green building retrofits reduce operational costs by 10% in just one year. This demonstrates that updating old buildings is worthwhile reducing the CO2 footprint.  

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Start reducing energy waste

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On that note, you can start by reducing your energy waste, reducing your water waste, and your greenhouse footprint. It is great potential when it comes to older and newer buildings in the environmental impact. Building owners and facility managers can actively seek out those opportunities to prolong the life and health of their buildings, their occupants, and the planet. 

To take action and be sustainable you need to monitor and measure various aspects of your facility operations using IoT sensors, this will give you a vast array of data about your facility. With that information, you can start choosing the right sustainable project that works for your facility, this will also measure facility performance as you start implementing your changes.

Our team at the Partner section can help you in getting started on your goals, working along with you to set sustainable projects, and manage your data. Our big data analytics platform will give you the ability to visually see your building's energy consumption, also allows you to compare facilities if you have more than one.

We would like to partner and help you out on your sustainable journey!    

Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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