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As our EMS platform identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption or reduce the Carbon Footprint is imperative

that we offer world-class subcontractors to do the retrofitting work to save you money and improve your environment

Making changes to facilities to reduce energy use is critical to achieving our goals at Cronos-Energy.  We need to find Subcontractors committed to safety, excellent communication, reliability, and integrity. We need Subcontractors with deep expertise in their fields and that provide the best in class products and services. We need Subcontractors genuinely interested in helping us improve as we help our customers so that together we succeed more than we each could alone.

Type of Subcontractors

  • HVAC mechanical and controls

  • Lightning

  • Solar photovoltaic systems

  • Meter and IoT Installations

  • Air quality devices

  • Chillers and Boilers

  • Doors and Shades

  • BMS Systems

Image by aurora.kreativ
Image by Franck V.


  • Service area in at least one of the following geographic regions: US (South Florida), Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, and Central America. 

  • Hold a valid contractor’s license issued by the state in which work will be performed

  • Commitment to safety as demonstrated by internal policies, practices, and safety metrics

  • Ability to consistently comply with contractual obligations, both in relation to vendors and clients

  • Proven track record of executing projects on time and on budget

  • Impeccable project management and communication skills

  • In-house technical expertise in relevant scope category

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