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Product Features

 Make your Data Meaningful

It observes the whole landscape 24/7, focusing on visualization of electricity, water and gas data, consumption and bill estimation, property benchmarking and ranking, via an integrated power panel that offers the full-service pack.

Designed to provide an overview to any user, it monitors your whole operational and οrganizational behavior, like a valuable utility tracker and an integrated energy consultant for your premises.

Cronos Energy WiseWatch Tools

 Make your Data Meaningful

With respect to all your values, WiseWatch™ is also eco-oriented and a clever sustainable development tool, filtering and monitoring your whole premises portfolio, as an insider on an all-day watch, thus re-vitalizing older facilities and maintaining the newer ones in good shape.

Summary Consumption

  • Look at total consumption cumulative summaries, yearly, monthly and daily

  • it will further drill down on facilities by buildings, floors, and metering points 

  • it compares facility to facility, floors to floors, and allowed you to generate a birds-eye view of your energy consumption.

  • It will let you know on CO2 footprint actually save.

Analytics Summary

  • Consumption drill-down by time

  • Consumption distribution with drill-down capabilities by time or by site

  • Monthly Energy Heat Map

  • Maximum demand

  • Base Load

  • Power Factor analysis

  • Voltage THD analysis

  • Ability to download data in Excel format

Highest and Least Consumption
  • Here you will be able to follow your highest consumptions of energy and the lowest consumption of energy

  • Will be able to compare between days, weeks, months, years 

  • You will be able to drill down and understand why and where is the spike or low on energy happening.

  • Compare one year to the next and this will allow you to understand how you have effectively saved and created better optimization on your assets.

Alerts & Events
  • The alert application enables operators on actionable events based on KPIs thresholds values being set.

  • The alert generated can be delivered over email or SMS or as real-time push notifications.

  • To receive alerts the user configures an alert by selecting the upper or lower limit for specific KPI, such as:

    • Daily Energy Kw                        

    • Voltage (LN) (LL) (THD)

    • Current THD

    • Active Power

    • Reactive Power

    • Apparent Power

    • Power Factor

Measurement & Verification
  • You will be able to compare and measure your facility's asset/assets to each other, 

  • Verify their consumption of energy, and compare it to different previews scenarios e.g. energy bill.

  • When comparing the system will give you an understanding of different operations of your asset, through measurement, and verification will you understand the areas of improvement.    

  • The reports tool is a highly customizable facility to enable you to generate a variety of reports and receiving them over email.

  • The user may subscribe to reports by customizing the metering point and values he/she wishes to receive reports for, as well as the interval for receiving them (daily, monthly, yearly).

  • All generated reports are kept for the duration of 3 months in a repository and are browsable by the user.

Weather and Maps
  • Our platform has also the ability of a weather monitoring system

  • We can display the weather so you may check your facilities on the map and look at the temperatures coming up for several days.

  • You may correctly optimize your assets for energy savings based on weather. 

Power Quality Analysis
  • Peak demand and the time this occurred in the last 24 hours

  • The baseload

  • An hourly energy bar chart for the last 24 hours correlated with either active or reactive power

  • YTD, MTD, WTD energy consumed and how they compare with the previous relevant period


Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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