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The interview has taken place in 2019

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The interview was given to Energypress

Tell us a few words about the object of your company

DTWISE has been active for four years in the development of advanced Big Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 applications that facilitate energy efficiency, multi-level operation monitoring, automation, interconnection and digital transformation. It is a rapidly growing industry that in 2020 will reach a turnover of $ 45 billion worldwide.

In the coming years, every company that seeks to streamline its operation and sustainability, will have to adopt such services, practices and know-how, which can achieve huge benefits for both its shareholders and the environment.

What do we mean by "Data Management", "Inter-connectivity" and "Digital Transformation"?

Rational energy management is one of the most powerful tools for sustainable business development, especially when combined with cost reduction and increased efficiency. For this to happen, data must be extracted and analyzed from various types of devices, sensors and meters, downloaded to the cloud and processed in real time. Then follow a series of interactive actions through machine learning tools in a way that enables the user not only to monitor the overall performance of his facilities and equipment, but to have complete control, even from his mobile phone.

These solutions are fully extensible in many other functions, in addition to power consumption. In the age of Industry 4.0 this digital transformation is necessary for the analysis of operating data, so that we have valuable information and therefore the ability to redesign even a production line or our logistics and gain the critical comparative advantage.

DTWISE solutions essentially signal the change of era in data management. The currently fragmented monitoring and control systems did not have the ability to integrate all components and KPIs into a single application. With our solutions now, all individual systems communicate with each other, through a common platform that processes data in real time, ensuring complete control and optimization of the operation of facilities and production lines.

We have developed the "WiseWatch" suite for energy management of plants in a way that converts energy data into info-graphics and automated reports, which transmit information directly and clearly to the user, as well as indicate the actions to be taken through the recommendation engine that we have developed for this purpose.

Do you already have any results from your projects?

We have worked with Aluminum Recycling industries, pharmaceutical companies, shopping malls, office buildings, logistics companies, road networks and electricity producers.

The average savings we have achieved for our industrial customers reaches 9% while in commercial buildings it reaches 27%, achieving an overall average savings in all sectors over 15%. We have achieved an ROI of less than 30 months in 75% of cases and so far we have saved a total of about 5 million euros for our customers.

The results are spectacular because the "WiseWatch" suite for energy management of facilities, allows the user to immediately identify the "weaknesses" of energy-intensive parts of his facilities, while helping him to have an idea of ​​the use of facilities due to "human behavior », With the help of behavioral analysis.

He can therefore know in advance exactly what energy effect each intervention will bring through the data included in the specialized reports.

What other products does DTWISE have?

In addition to the WiseWatch Suite, we have developed WiseFuel Distibutor, an innovative logistics software that automates the tracking, delivery and management of liquid products and fuels, as well as Legacy Equipment Smartification for the transformation of old elevator systems. escalators and deep freezing units to more reliable. In other words, interventions are made with measuring instruments in order to optimize the maintenance of the equipment through performance measurements and therefore to ensure the longevity of the equipment.

We also provide support services to facilities of all scales to achieve the targets either case energy or automation.

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