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Consulting Options

Managed Services Consulting Options

Basic Consulting

This plan fits a Self-Managed Customer that has the resources for using the EMS system. They have the personnel to use the WiseWatch application toolset. They will use WiseWatch to monitor energy consumption, analytics, and manage alerts and reports. They have the resources to do any electrical installations and can also do the soft and hard interventions as identified by WiseWatch. They need initial consulting work around site visit walkthroughs and mapping services. They want a good level of Training and Support for WiseWatch given their demands. They will get development support for required IoT Devices. They may request some ala carte items e.g. custom reports and dashboards.


Standard Consulting

This plan fits Customers in between a Self-Managed and fully Managed Service. They have a level of personnel that can take action in the building or facility. In addition to the Basic Consulting Services, this customer gets the Monitoring Service of the Energy Data obtained by WiseWatch. In this mode, the customer expects to be notified about dealing with alerts. The customer will also act on the data and recommendations provided by the standard reports.  Additional IoT devices and request for new Product Functionality is included. In this bundle, there is more support and training and an account manager is assigned to the Customer.

  • Basic Consulting + 

  • Data Monitoring and Analysis Services

  • Standard Reports

  • Assign Project Manager

  • Custom (2) Dashboards

Marble Surface

Premium Consulting

This plan is for the Fully Managed Service Customer that wants all the Energy-related management to be done by a 3rd party company, including the orchestration of soft and hard interventions (which will be priced separately). In addition to the Standard Consulting Services offering this plan provides further support of IoT devices, new product functionality, and custom dashboards. In addition to a dedicated account manager, there will be a dedicated technical consultant. Training will include understanding your Energy environment.

  • Standard Consulting + 

  • WiseSearch license

  • Energy training

  • Energy Proposal Services

  • Energy Interventions Services*

  • Custom (4) Dashboards

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