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IoT Alliance Program

We work to foster new IoT opportunities that extend our Energy Analytics Solutions and bring value to our Customers and Partners. With our IoT Alliance Program, you can integrate with our cutting edge software applications suite for smarter energy facilities.  


Looking for the best IoT devices out there!

  • Market pull-through to boost sales of EMS and IoT devices.

  • The ability of IoT Alliance Program companies to sell industry-specific solutions.

  • Testing and Integration with established EMS vendor

  • Marketing to IoT vendor on Cronos-Energy and Dtwise websites

  • Standard Driver included with EMS Logger distribution.

IoT devises we are searching

  • Smart Meters

  • LED Lighting

  • HVAC

  • Air Quality

  • BMS

  • Human Sensor

  • Water and Gas

  • Temperature

  • Any Energy

Futuristic Robot
Inside the Subway Station

Add your IoT to our platform

  • Send us your IoT Device

  • Schedule a meeting to describe your IoT Device functionality

  • We will develop a Driver

  • We will integrate into the existing applications or 

  • We will develop a custom application and dashboard 

  • We will test and package into our solution

Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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