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Lower your Energy Consumption

There is a saying, "you can't manage what you can't measure” attributed to Peter Drucker; with the WiseWatch Application you will be able to visualize in real-time the energy consumption on your facilities

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Identify, organize & prioritize potential energy-saving action

WiseWatch provides great capabilities to evaluate your property and facilities.  By being able to compare consumption between buildings in your portfolio you can decide how to prioritize the retrofit projects to the less efficient building.  With the drill down into equipment performance data, you can prioritize a preventive maintenance activity. 

Identify Malfunctioning Equipment

Identifying equipment issues prior to equipment failure prevents the need to replace a complete unit. With WiseWatch Analytics you can drill down on specific equipment and look at standard metrics like Voltage and Current VHD. Harmonic currents, generated by non-linear electronic loads, increase power system heat losses and power bills of end-users. 

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Industrial Smoke

Reduce your CO2 footprint

To achieve mandated emissions-reduction goals and demonstrate regulatory compliance, many companies are adopting Energy Management Systems like WiseWatch, which aims to improve the organization’s energy performance and make a reduction of climate change a key part of their corporate strategy.

Identify Power Factor

The user may view the average power consumed by an hour of the day in a heatmap to easily wasted energy. The user may select the building, year, and month of interest.  The user can also analyze the Power Factor and identify both poor and bad PF. 

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We will be working with you to understand your unique sustainability risks and rewards, crafting a strategy that will deliver tangible benefits to the sustainability of your facility portfolio while working toward meeting regulatory and green building codes.

The certification of your project will help your facility to be recognized as a leader in sustainability.  

Inquiries we can help you with

How much energy is being consumed by the entity (individual/organization)?
How much of this energy is being wasted? Where are the points/sources of such wastage?
Which appliances, machines, devices, processes consume the highest amount of energy?
When does the energy consumption reach its peak?
What is the state of appliances, machines, or equipment that use energy?
What are the key energy-related costs being currently incurred?
How can energy efficiency be improved?

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Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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