Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is an Energy Management System?

Energy management system (EMS or EnMS) is a Software that is used to monitor, report and optimize energy performance for commercial and industrial buildings and facilities in virtually any industry. The EMS works as a centralized system that monitors and controls the entire customer facility.

How does the Energy Analytics help my company?

Employing Energy Analytics as part of an overall energy management strategy will reveal great opportunities for savings! Energy Analytics service is an improvement over the use of one-time, energy assessments by providing a continuous view into the state of your facility energy consumption. Using real-time data and applying expert analysis, we identify patterns, recommend best practices and help guide you through the implementation measures needed to achieve improved energy performance. Many companies will find that the service can pay for itself through energy cost savings in as little as one year.

What is the difference between Building Automation System and Energy Management Software?

A key feature to the BAS is the automation control (ON/OFF) of building equipment such as HVAC, lights, water pumps and heating equipment are among these machneries. On the other hand the EMS is not equip with this features, but the EMS has the ability to be integrate with BAS, where the EMS is able to provide the analytics tools to dig deeper into energy patterns, incorporate historical data, identify trends, compare data across different periods, evaluate areas of operational waste, measure and verify savings actions these are not part of the capabilities of the BAS system. In conclusion if you have a BAS system you can add on top of it our EMS system for better understanding of your assets.

Who is DTWISE?

DTWISE is a Greek Company founded in 2015 and operating in EU. They are a Company founded by Energy Experts, DTWISE has over 45 Customers using the Energy Analytics Platform. You can find more information on Note that DTWISE CEO also is the CEO of Effective Development which is a Company specializing on Energy retrofitting projects which go hand in hand with the DTWISE Energy Analytics Platform.

How can I save energy with the Energy Management System?

Continuous collection and analysis of your facilities energy consumption data can reveal opportunities in two general categories: process improvements and capital improvements. These will lead on average to 10-20% savings within the first year alone. Further analytics data can point to equipment and subsytem replacement that can lead to 40% in savings.

Who is Cronos-Energy?

Cronos-Energy is an exclusive reseller of DTWISE in the US and Latin America. Cronos-Energy was founded in June 2020 with offices in South Florida (and in the near future in California). Co-founders include a Veteran Executive of the High Tech Industry from Silicon Valley and a Hospitality Industry veteran and Travel Owner from South Florida.

Product & technical questions

What is an IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. The definition of an IoT in our Energy Analytics is also synonymous with the term meters, submeters, and sensors. There are standard protocols that support the transfer of data from these IoT devices to the collecting device.

What is a  Logger?

A data logger or data recorder is a piece of intelligent edge software that is deployed close to the customer facilities. The logger communicates with the IoT devices and records data over time which is transmitted to the cloud based energy analytics platform. Loggers can run on either Linux or Windows machines. They deliver the data in a secure fashion to the cloud. The data is also anonymized.

If we have IoT (aka Meters) devices installed already, can your platform still help us?

The short answer is yes, your existing meters can be included in the program. We offer a structured approach to map your facility major drivers of energy consumption. Based on your processes and facility setup we will identify where sensors are required and may suggest additional sensors on building, process and machine to increase transparency or derive key performance indicators KPI. We prioritize the suggested metering points to allow you to enter Energy Analytics on a scale that fits your needs and budget.

What is WiseWatch?

WiseWatch is the main application of DTWISE Cloud Energy Management Platform that observes the whole landscape 24/7 focusing on visualization of electricity, water, and gas data. WiseWatch comes with 4 tools that provide summary information, analytics, reporting and alerts for you facility. These information is provided for the whole facility or presented by buildings, floors, equipment or whichever organization you choose. The data provided can be presented and compared by year, month, week or hours. The system is flexible, extensible and easy to use.

What is WiseSearch?

WiseSearch is a tool that can be licensed separately from WiseWatch, and provides the ability to do custom data mining of the energy information stored in the cloud. Along with WiseSearch comes Sight a program which allows the quick creation of new dashboards to be added to WiseWatch to present different types of data.

Custom Report & Alerts

The report application is a tool which provides the user to select the reports he/she is interested in receiving over email. The user may subscribe to reports by customizing the metering point he/she wishes to receive reports for, as well as the interval for receiving them (daily, monthly or yearly). All generated reports are kept for the duration of 3 months in a repository and are browseble by the user. The alert application based on the user's requirements alerts is generated and delivered over email or SMS or as real-time push notification. To receive alerts the user configures an alert by selecting the upper or lower limit of specific KPI such as:

  • Daily Energy
  • Voltage (LN)
  • Current THD
  • Active Power
  • Voltage (LL)
  • Voltage (LN) THD
  • Reactive Power
  • Apperant Power
  • Voltage (LL) THD
  • Current
  • Power Factor

Get Certified

LEED (Ledership in Energy and Environmental Design) issued by the U.S. Green Building Council, is the most easily recognized sustainable building certification out there. It has nine certification separate programs including one for commercial, retail, new construction, existing buildings, and more. Each program has a poit base rating system. You get points for each grean building feature, and your point total determins whether you are LEED Certified, LEED Silver, LEED Gold or LEED Platinum which is the highest level. To apply, you need to:

  • Head to the U.S. Green Building Council website, to register your project, fill out your forms, and pay the application fee.
  • Identify the credits you are seeking, and prepare documantation to support how you achive them.
  • Wait for the USGBC to review your application, they may ask for suplimental documentation in process.
  • Get your certification. You may need to pay a fee based on your size of the project and the certification you are seeking.
ENERGY STAR is another well-known green building certification that is offered through the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. To qualify your building needs to be at least 15% more energy officiant than traditional properties. These certification last for one year. To apply you'll need to:
  • Have an Energy Star of 75 point or higher
  • Register for Portofolio Manager Account and fill out your application
  • Get an aproved engineer or architect to conduct a site visit and verify your project
  • Enter the site visit information into your account
  • Await the final verdict
BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assesment Method) is an International programs that recognizes sustainable buildings and infrastructure projects. The certification comes from a star rating from one to six, and a designation of "pass", "good", "very good", "excellent" or "outstanding". You can get BREEAM-certified on new construction, in-use or referbished projects. To get started you'll need to:
  • You need to find a licensed assessor in your area
  • Register the project
  • Have the project assessed
  • Await your certification

Partnership questions

How partnership works?

For Reseller, ESCOS, OEMs who want to leverage our Energy Analytics platform we offer different levels of programs to meet your needs. These programs include the licensing of the software, training, support, development of new IoT devices and custom dashboards, regular partnership meetings and white-label services. There are also benefits for a la carte needs that will be prorated based on your level of membership.

Levels of partnerships

There are 3 levels of partnership - Silver, Gold and Platinum. We also offer what we call an 'Ultra' Platinum for clients who want to host the platform on their own cloud. See more details on the next FAQ questions.

Silver Program

This plan is for small to medium resellers with experience in EMS. Plan fits smaller Energy Consultants. Fits partners that are looking to build new products based on data-driven decision making. Allows to upgrade to Gold ad-hoc for levering price discounts and additional features. This plan also fits self-managed customers that prefer to be part of a partner program given the differences from the end customer programs.

Gold Program

This plan is for well established large resellers with experience in EMS. The plan also fit well established ESCOS and Utility companies. They have the personnel to use the WiseWatch application once trained. They want full training and support (with upgrades, patches etc). They like basic whitelabeling on the platform to give it their own identify. They want a dedicated account manager. This should be the preferred plan for partners.

Platinum Program

This plan fits Energy Consultants (ESCOS) that want to add Energy Analytics to their product set. They are fairly new to EMS. They expect a lot of custom work for their customers. This also includes OEMs who want full customization white-labeling to the product. They want access to marketing materials and they want to influence the direction of the platform.

Customer questions

How does try before you buy works

We offer a "try before you buy" program to End Customers that already have submeters deployed in their site. We will come in and install our logger and start collecting data for 1-2 months for free and provide a regular report.

What are the offerings or consulting levels for End Customers?

For End Customers we offer different packages based on the type of customer you are - all the way from large customers with a number of buildings and personnel to do any energy related work to a customer who wants all the Energy managed by a 3rd party. See next FAQ questions for the levels.

Basic Consulting

This plan fits Self-Managed Customer that has the resources for using the EMS system and perform any retrofitting actions. They have the personnel to use the WiseWatch application. They have the manpower to do any electrical installation and any soft or hard interventions. They still need initial consulting work around deploying the platform via site visit and mapping services. They want a good level of training and support for the product.

Standard Consulting

This is for customers in between a self-managed and fully managed service scenario. In addition to the basic consulting, at this level we offer full monitoring of the platform data. We manage the alerts and provide canned regular reports to our customer. We also can provide additional custom dashboards and any special reports requested by customer.

Premium Consulting

This plan is for fully managed service customer. You want all the energy related operation provided by us. You want us to recommend any needs for soft or hard interventions. We can at a separate cost manage those interventions. We will help you understand the challenges with energy related costs.

Referral program questions

What is the referral program?

The referral program is about giving a 5% finders fee for anyone who introduces us to a potential client and results on a sale. We will provide a 5% of revenue for the first contract.

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