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Customer Offerings

What type of customer are you?

Energy Products and Services Provider

If you are a Reseller (Distributor, OEM, Integrator),  Energy Consultant,  and/or Utility Provider and what to look at our EMS Platform then click below

Need Energy Managed Services

If you are a Company and/or Institution that wants to outsource part of your Energy Management to Us then proceed to read and see the different options

Want to get an Energy Management Platform

If you are a Company and/or Institution with a large enough staff and expertise in the Energy Management and primarily want to learn how to use the EMS Platform then click below

Managed Service Process

Managed Service Process

The Consulting Services can include these 5 steps through our Project Process

Site Walkthrough

  1. Billing Information

  2. Electrical & Mechanical equipment listing

  3. Internet/PC info

  4. Operation info

  5. Maintenance info


  1. Metering point setting

  2. Energy Analyzers & Sensors installation

  3. Energy consumption measurement & quality parameters

  4. Edge Logger software installation

Data Monitoring and Analysis

  1. Behavior, pattern & trend analysis

  2. Equipment operation & consumption analysis

  3. Energy Saving potential

  4. Alert/KPI setup

Consulting & Proposals

  1. Financial & technical study

  2. Custom-made proposals

  3. Guaranteed results

  4. Lasting value


  1. Control & Automation

  2. Re-scheduling of operational mode

  3. Equipment upgrade & modernization

Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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