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Energy Service Providers

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Cronos Energy is a Reseller of DTWISE in the US and Latin America. DTWISE is a software company that helps Enterprises understand and optimize their energy consumption by providing real-time insights. Through their advanced Big Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 applications, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, utilities, RES providers are able to increase their efficiency and improve their operations. 

DTWISE’s Energy Analytics Platform combines IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning in a cloud-native microservices-based architecture. The platform gathers electricity, water, fuel, gas, or any other data from IoT devices and enables a multitude of applications like consumption summaries and comparisons, top/bottom consumers, alerts and reports on selected KPIs, identifying anomalies, and any other analysis application in a single pane of glass UI. The architecture was designed to be multi-tenant, secure, cloud-agnostic, and extensible to enable our partners to take advantage. 

If you are an Energy Reseller,  or Energy Consultant or OEM and want to add a SaaS Energy Analytics Platform to your product list please give us a call and become a partner. 

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Building Managers

America’s 125 million residential and commercial buildings use more energy than any other sector in the United States. With DTWISE Energy Analytics Platform technologies Building Managers will be able to enhance the energy productivity of buildings and improve the capacity of buildings to operate more flexibly. Furthermore, with the advent of IoT devices, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners can partner with DTWISE and enable new applications to enhance the tenant's experience. 

Apartment Building
Hotel Pool


The Hotel is an all year round business with a high seasonal impact in energy consumption during hot months. Apart from the guest rooms, there are conference rooms, lobbies, gyms, a swimming pool, open space parking lots, etc. Typically, energy consumption accounts for up to 10% of the total operating costs of hotels, and 60% of the property’s carbon footprint. Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions using WiseWatch tools.  


Supermarkets and Grocery stores are changing every day as consumers expect ever more from their shopping experience. WiseWatch helps grocery facility managers gain insight into energy and site operations while maintaining customer comfort and maximizing savings opportunities. From the deli department and freezer section to the pharmacy and coffee shop, Dtwise energy management solutions (EMS) enable grocery retailers to:

  • View energy consumption and production

  • Protect the life of equipment by identifying harmful voltage imbalances

  • Adhere to corporate energy usage policies

  • Validate HVAC and lighting control system settings

Organic Grocery Store
Soccer Stadium


NFL or Soccer stadiums are some of the largest sports venues in America and the World. 

Requiring large amounts of operating energy during events and contrasted at non-event days. DTWISE energy management solutions provide plenty of opportunities for savings on both Electrical Energy and Water and help contrast the differences in consumption. 


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, healthcare is one of the top five energy-consuming building categories and accounts for nine percent of energy use in commercial buildings. With utility bills making up an average of 1.4 percent of a hospital’s operating revenue, hospitals in the U.S spend about $8.3 billion total on energy costs each year. The impact of these energy costs on an individual hospital is huge. Let Cronos-Energy help reduce your monthly energy bills. 

Empty Factory

Warehouse Owners

According to The Common Fire Foundation, warehouses use 36% of all energy consumed in the US, 65% of electricity, 30% of raw materials, and 12% of potable water. Warehousing costs can account for almost 10% of a company’s revenue, with heating and lighting as the two largest energy users. It has been estimated that properly run energy management programs (using Energy Analytics software)  can save five to 20% on energy bills without a significant capital investment. 


Universities are like small cities and tend to have many difficulties to manage energy consumption. Public spaces high level of activity, large amounts of people using the installations at different periods of time, aging buildings, making it hard to control and monitor. DTWISE Energy Analytics Platform helps Universities’ Infrastructure scope with the challenges of just identifying and viewing all your building asset's energy consumption. 

University Building
Sustainable Energy


Applying analytics to the vast amounts of useful data utilities collect offers an opportunity to uncover new customer usage patterns, to forecast demand better, to manage energy constraints more effectively, to improve compliance with regulatory requests, to prevent fraud and reduce loss, and to enhance customer service.


Breweries across the country are investing in energy-efficient and low-carbon brewing practices. There are many investments that breweries can make to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity of the brewing process, such as through the purchase of dynamic wort boiling systems, enhanced insulation, heat recovery, or alternative, distributed energy systems like solar or combined heat and power.  But it all starts with the Energy Analytics platform identifying those areas in need. 

Beer Maker

Data Centers

Data centers have become an indispensable part of modern computing infrastructures. With more and more organizations turning to them for colocation services and cloud solutions,  it’s no surprise that the number of data centers is expected to grow significantly within the next years.  It's worth thinking about the harsh realities of data center power consumption. Utilizing analytics as a tool in data centers can get a clear picture of what is and what is not energy efficient within the data center. 

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