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Image by Ernest Ojeh

Software as a Service for Electric Vehicle Charge Point Platform Network Management

EVWise is the ultimate product that helps Charge Point Operators to optimize their operation and increase customer satisfaction with our holistic management solution.

Software as a Service Energy Cloud Platform Network Management for Commercial & Industrial buildings,   Photovoltaic parks

WiseWatch is a powerful tool and a virtual power panel, offering a bird’s eye view on the whole range of your data.

It observes the whole landscape 24/7, focusing on visualization of electricity, water and gas data, consumption and bill estimation, property bench marking and ranking, via an integrated power panel that offers the full service pack.

Designed to provide an overview to any user, it monitors your whole operational and οrganizational behavior, like a valuable utility tracker and an integrated energy consultant for your premises.


Welcome to our SaaS cloud platform for Energy Analytics

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